18, 19 y 20 de Diciembre 2020

Centro Cívico Delicias
(Av. de Navarra, 54, 50010 Zaragoza)

IV festival

Music in the clouds

This fourth edition was marked by the pandemic.

Despite the prevailing uncertainty, we managed to hold the festival with an impressive line-up.

The mastery of PEKATA MUNDI, the humour and good work of the duo HOT HANDS, GERMÁN DÍAZ & BENXAMÍN OTERO (marvellous), the incombustible TRIVIUM KLEZMER.

As a novelty we were able to schedule two more concerts for Sunday night with two ladies of category: ANA ALCAIDE and the wonderful voice of MARIA MAZZOTTA.

Ángel Vergara with the exhibition ‘The sounds of the image’, the teachings and good work of Paco Díez, the photography exhibition ‘Cielos’ by Susana Arregui, folk violin, duduk, uilleann pipes and flamenco cajón workshops and the luthiers’ exhibition completed a line-up to remember.



decoración separación en el centro