17, 18 y 19 de Diciembre 2021

Centro Cívico Delicias
(Av. de Navarra, 54, 50010 Zaragoza)

V festival

Music in the clouds

Still in pandemic and with all the added difficulties to make a festival in these circumstances we went for the fifth edition.

New sounds from the Aragonese group that opens the festival MURO KVARTET, followed by the international GERMÁN LOPEZ & ANTONIO TOLEDO.

The music of GANCHO DROM and the concert that we will always remember of JAVIER PAXARIÑO TRÍO that left us speechless.

ZOPLI-2 repeated on the big stage and MATTHIEU SAGLIO displayed the beauty of his cello in an unforgettable end to the festival.

As a novelty, we decided to programme an exhibition of pipers from the Iberian Peninsula, which was a great success with the public.

Workshops of ukulele, bagpipes, flamenco cajón and dances of the world, the traditional luthiers’ exhibition and the wonderful exhibition of Pablo Morales: “Medieval instruments of the Way of St. James” completed the programme.



decoración separación en el centro