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islas errantes

Wandering islands

Dreams, refuge, freedom. Minds that fly in the form of music through dreamlike landscapes



Enter the kaleidoscope and dance its frenetic dance, spin with the notes and the colourful dewdrops



An innovative project that aims to promote the use of the organ with repertoires that are different from the usual ones

sonando la imagen

Sounding the picture

A joint show by La Chaminera and El Mantel de Noa, inspired by the musical iconography of all periods

palabras olvidadas

The forgotten words

A stage show combining theatre, live music and audiovisual projections

«A dream in constant movement, where music is the protagonist; an infinite journey in an escape from any label; an incessant search for culture and beauty»

Other works

Other works

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Music and Geology

Audio guides


A journey from East to West with the group El Mantel de Noa, Aragonese music from the eclectic perspective of the veteran band O’Carolan, festivals such as Music in the Clouds, music-theatre co-productions, dance shows, soundtracks, science in symbiosis with art in the “geomusic”, World Music Classroom and many more projects give life to ENCHANTED MUSIC.

An exciting journey through music that knows no borders;

Paths full of crossroads where different cultures come together;

Encounters that discover new horizons and nourish our dreams.

Welcome to this exciting journey.

Pilar Gonzalvo and Miguel Ángel Fraile